Dear customers, due to the large number of orders, we are extending the production time to approx. 2 months.We apologize and thank you for your patience We ship approximately 15-20 (December - March 35-40 business days) business days after receipt of payment for the order. Unless otherwise stated, racing parts are without certificate or TÜV!!! without street approval 

Complaints procedure

Information about the goods


It is necessary to assemble all parts designed to lighten the load on the car before painting. Products without TUV only for motorsport.

If the goods are damaged by the carrier, this must be reported to the carrier immediately. Damaged goods cannot be returned!



 The buyer can lodge a complaint about goods within the warranty period with the seller in any way - in writing, by telephone, by e-mail, by fax, or in person (visit). (If you send the complained goods to us by post or transport company, do not send them by last name, the goods will not be accepted!!!). Based on the description of the error and a possible telephone consultation, the seller decides how to resolve the complaint. The place of complaint resolution is the seller's headquarters. In the event that the buyer requests that the goods be repaired, the seller has the right to send the goods to the service partner of the responsible manufacturer. If you discover any contradictions with the purchase contract, inform us of this fact as soon as possible - Contact us.


Withdrawal from the contract within 14 days

 The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract without stating the reasons and without any sanction up to 14 days after taking over the performance. The total value of the goods plus freight costs will subsequently be returned to the consumer by postal order, bank transfer or in cash (if delivered personally). This only applies to unused and undamaged goods that are returned within 14 days. Please send the goods or bring them to our office address. Do not send the goods by last name – they will not be accepted. After receiving and checking the goods, you will receive the corresponding amount of money back.

But this does not apply to GRP products. This was made to order.


Final provisions and other conclusions

In an emergency, the invoiced goods can be exchanged free of charge for another with the same price. These general terms and conditions of payment, delivery and guarantee are part of the purchase contract.


Postage and packaging fees

 Czech Post – parcel in hand – 190,- in Czech Republic


For orders from abroad, postal charges will be calculated based on the weight of the package and the destination.


For large shipments it is possible to use Czech Post. It is necessary to pack buffers, spoilers and other bulky products in cardboard boxes and foil. This is the only way we can almost certainly prevent mechanical damage during transport.


Property rights to the goods and responsibility for defects

 The right of ownership of the goods passes from the seller to the buyer upon full payment of the agreed purchase price. In the event that the buyer has financial liabilities towards the seller from previous sales contracts, the condition for the transfer of ownership rights to the goods is, according to this purchase contract, the legal compensation of all previous financial liabilities.

The seller remains the owner of the delivery item until all claims arising from the purchase contract against the buyer have been fulfilled. In the event of delay in payment of the purchase price, the seller is entitled to prohibit the buyer from using the item of delivery and he has the right to have it returned. In the event that the buyer is in arrears with the fulfillment of his obligations to the seller, the buyer may not dispose of these goods (sell the goods, transfer them to a third person, pledge them, etc.)


Warranty conditions

 The seller grants the buyer a 24-month guarantee on the goods delivered. The guarantee applies to material defects, functional defects or errors arising during production. The guarantee does not cover defects caused by incorrect manipulation.

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