Dear customers, due to the large number of orders, we are extending the production time to approx. 2 months.We apologize and thank you for your patience We ship approximately 15-20 (December - March 35-40 business days) business days after receipt of payment for the order. Unless otherwise stated, racing parts are without certificate or TÜV!!! without street approval 

How to buy

You can shop in our online store as a registered or unregistered customer.


In the case of more frequent purchases, we recommend choosing the form of a registered customer. In the future, you will no longer be forced to re-enter your contact and billing information, you will have an overview of your past orders and their status. You only need to log in when making a purchase again.


The purchase itself in our store is very simple:


Select the car brand you are looking for on the home page or in the left menu of the e-shop and then select the specific type of car. Then select the desired auto part. If the requested part is not in our offer, there is nothing easier than to contact us and we will custom-make it for you!


We move around the store using the link menu, or if we have a larger assortment for a specific type of vehicle, we browse through the links on other pages.


On the detailed tab of each product, you can share it with your friends on the most popular social networks, or save the product using "bookmark" online services.

If you have found what you are looking for, insert the product using the buttons "buy" and "into the basket". The system will then offer you the option of payment and completing the order, or continuing to select other products.


To successfully complete the order, you must either log in to your customer account or fill in all the form fields marked with an asterisk (*)


Logging in and registration is done using forms, available via links in the box, in the upper right part of our store, in the foreground of the checkerboard banner graphic.


For orders within the Czech Republic, it is necessary to select the desired type of transport and payment.

We deal with orders outside the Czech Republic individually with each customer, taking into account the issue of transport for the given country.


After successfully sending the order, a confirmation message will be delivered to your e-mail address, together with a recapitulation of the order.

Registered customers, for security reasons, we recommend that you log out of your account after completing your purchase.

Complaints policy and business conditions are available on separate pages.

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