Dear customers, due to the large number of orders, we are extending the production time to approx. 2 months.We apologize and thank you for your patience We ship approximately 15-20 (December - March 35-40 business days) business days after receipt of payment for the order. Unless otherwise stated, racing parts are without certificate or TÜV!!! without street approval 
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Fiberglass trunk Ford Sierra sedan 5065452112
Ford Fiesta MK4 rear side part 5065453205
Fiberglass rear side panel Ford Fiesta 5065452126
Fiberglass trunk  Ford Escort MK4 5065452121
Fork Fiest MK4 trunk without frame 5065453203
Fiberglass hood foe Ford Escort MK4 5065452122
Fiberglass hood for Ford Escort Cosworth 5065452117
Fiberglass hood for Ford Sierra 5065452113
Fiberglass hood Ford Escort MK3 5065452116
Fiberglass hood Ford Fiesta 89-94 5065452115
Fiberglass hood Ford Focus
Fork Fiest MK4 hood without frame 5065453202
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